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Paleta Pressed Organic Juice Detoxes

Drink to your health


Memorial Day weekend roughly translates to hot dogs, barbecue, ice cream, repeat in food speak.

And by Tuesday, your BODL (blood-onion dip level) is likely to have spiked dangerously past the legal limit.

Recalibrate with a Paleta pressed juice detox.

The new liquid diet program by chef Kelly Boyer’s farm-to-table meal delivery service puts a premium on organic produce, cold pressed juicing, and taste (a team of nutritionists and Le Cordon Bleu-trained chefs concocted the fourteen flavors).

Choose the duration (one to three days) along with which of the four six-drink packages best aligns with your nutritional goals: Green (kale, spinach) balances pH levels and alkalizes your system; Root (beets, carrots, yams) boosts stamina and mental well-being. Picky sippers can customize their own regimens.

Expect fresh daily deliveries along with email tips and encouraging affirmations.

Which speaks to our wimpy willpower.

Available at paleta.com, $99 per day.

Photo: Courtesy of Paleta