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brassica & brine!

In today’s throwaway society, Jordan “Uri” Laio perseveres.

Or, more accurately, he preserves.

The dedicated pickling pro opted out of law school in favor of an apprenticeship at Berkley’s Cultured Pickle Shop (he also worked with master pickler Josh Rosenstein).

Nowadays he crafts Brassica & Brine, an L.A.-based line of fermented veggies that’s turning heads in the food world (Farmshop’s Jeff Cerciello is a fan).

Sourcing from local organic farms, Laio employs the centuries-old lacto-fermentation technique wherein no vinegar, preservatives, or cultures are added — only a pinch of sea salt. The result: richer, more complex flavors and a heaping helping of healthy enzymes and probiotics.

Current products include ginger-infused Cultured Roots (carrots, beets, parsnips), spiced Four Thieves Kraut (lavender, sage, rosemary, thyme), and green Chlorophyll Kraut (spirulina, chlorella, kale).

Kimchi and cucumbers of both the spicy and garlic-dill variety are coming down the pipeline.

We’re pickled pink.

Available at the market at Farmshop, 225 26th Street, at San Vicente Boulevard, suite 25, Santa Monica (310-566-2400 or farmshopla.com); at brassicaandbrine.com, $6 and up.

Photo: Jordan Laio / Courtesy of Brassica & Brine 

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