Persephenie Studio Opens on Edinburgh Avenue

The nose knows


A deleted scene from Macbeth

[Three witches hover over a bubbling cauldron.]

All: Double, double toil and trouble.

Witch 1: Eye of newt

Witch 2: Tongue of toad …

Witch 3: Ladies, these ingredients really reek. Instead of pond scum, we should be stocking up on perfumed potions at Persephenie Studio.

W2: Is that botanical perfumer/aromatherapist Persephenie Lea’s new Edinburgh Avenue shop?

W3: Yes. The pocket-size space carries Lea’s full range of organic, small-batch body care (Island Violet rejuvenating cream, Linden Blossom oil), roll-on scents (Bedouin, Leatherwood), and Kore essential oils.

W1: We’re spellbound by shelves lined with Japanese incense, bric-a-brac (vintage Native American jewelry, Swedish candle votives), and exotic finds like oud and raw frankincense resins.

W2: And new and antique lab equipment (beakers, mortars and pestles) means we can stop using this rusty old pot.

W3: We’ll blend a concoction fit for a king.

W1: Yeah, [spoiler alert] a doomed one.

Persephenie Studio, 304 South Edinburgh Avenue, at West Third Street, Mid-City (323-658-7507 or persephenie.com). Stop by Saturdays and get a free botanical healing sheer rosy lip balm (no purchase necessary).

Photo: Courtesy of Persephenie Studio

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