Nailing It: 2 New Polishes to Try This Summer

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etoile dermelect nail polish!

When it comes to my mani/pedi color regimen, I take the mullet approach: neutral business lady up top, wild woman hue down below on my feet. Just my luck that two new polar opposite polish lines hit the beauty desk this week.

The first, Étoile ($13.50), comes courtesy of corporate-staffer-turned-polish-enthusiast Erin Farber. Her bride-inspired, debut color trio (Asscher, Navette, and Princess) aren’t just named for popular gemstone cuts. The formulas are blended with diamond dust, resulting in a powder-fine sparkle that doesn’t flake off like other glitter.

Next up? Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’s Me polishes ($14), a six-hue collection of anti-aging lacquers made with a protein peptide extracted from New Zealand sheep wool. Assistant editor Emily Warman gave the blue a try last week, and while she can’t vouch for lightning fast nail growth just yet, she happily attests to fast dry time and an incredibly shiny finish. — Tiffany, Everywhere editor

Available at etoilepolish.com and dermelect.com.

Photo: Tiffany Davis / DailyCandy