Sanae Intoxicants Perfumes

Scents of sandalwood, neroli, and bergamot

sanae intoxicants perfumes!

Sanae Barber was weary of the 9-to-5 grind.

Her career, she thought, should be a perfect ten.

So she ditched the day job, snagged a batch of essential oils, and retreated to her Los Feliz studio.

When next she emerged, she bore with her the fruits of her labor: a trio of artisanal, custom-blended perfumes.

Each five-milliliter bottle comes packed with natural botanical essences. And with less than 10 percent alcohol, they’re gentle on the skin and heaven on the nose.

Smoking Rose carries top notes of its namesake bloom, grass, and sandalwood with smoldering undertones. Burning Ocean is a wave of sage, pink pepper, and neroli. Meadow Slumber (lavender, bergamot, vetiver) is as delicious as a midsummer night’s dream.

Can’t pick a favorite? Sample sets are just $50.

One is bound to have your number.

Available at sanaeintoxicants.com, $50-$170.

Photo: Courtesy of Sanae Intoxicants