Mother's Helper: Fruits of Your Labor

Boon's new kitchen tools

boon's new kitchen tools!

Bad news, knife. It sure cuts us up to leave you, but Boon’s new sharpies make fruit and veggie prep easier.

This handheld kitchen ninja slices strawberries, cheese, tomatoes, and other eats in one sweep. Just squeeze the handles and watch the stainless steel blades go to work.

When you don’t want to monkey around with the cutting board, pick up this fun yellow wonder. It cuts bananas into coins and drops them right where you want them.

Strawberry leaves and stems swiftly meet their fate with this compact remover. The plucking happens with the push of a button, and none of the good stuff goes to waste.

What are you waiting for? Chop, chop.

Available at booninc.com, $10-$18.

Photos: Courtesy of Boon