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Pop-Up Pantry Gourmet Meal Delivery

Delectables at your doorstep

pop-up pantry!

You return home after grueling meetings and a sadistic spin class exhausted and famished. You

a) Make your go-to delivery order (moo shu pork, hold the pork).
b) Get creative with fridge ingredients.
c) Tear open a package from Pop-Up Pantry.

Here’s a clue: Founded by two tech gurus/foodies, the  monthly subscription service delivers gourmet three-course dinners straight to your door.

Enroll online (skip the waiting list with invite code DAILYCANDY) and choose from menus by chefs like BLT’s Rod Aglibot (asparagus salad, braised short ribs, coconut bread pudding) and Napa Valley Grille’s Frank Fronda (creamed mushrooms, salmon risotto, pear crisp).

When your package arrives, follow the easy-as-pie prep instructions, and — voila — dinner is served.

Well chosen, young warrior. 

Available at popuppantry.com, $17 per person. After your first purchase, a minimum of two deliveries per month is required.

Photo: Courtesy of Pop-Up Pantry