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Crack Caramel Confectioners

Dangerously addictive lollipops

crack caramel confectioners!

Attn: Human Resources

We feel it our duty to report an incident wherein our co-workers indulged in a mind-altering substance.

Last Wednesday we came across the guilty parties in the break room, giddily smacking their lips with anticipation.

Upon the arrival of a batch of crack pops (caramel lollipops made by new confectioner Crack Caramel), the group turned into a pack of crazy-eyed wildebeests, devouring the candy with savage abandon.

As the IT guy licked the box clean, he rationalized his behavior: The caramels contain only a handful of ingredients (brown sugar, sweet butter, heavy cream, Madagascar vanilla, and salt) and zero preservatives, and are thus best consumed within days of delivery.

In a shameful attempt to buy our silence, Gene from accounting slipped us some two-bite pieces and a crack bar. Resistance was futile.

When dealing with sweets, we have a serious appetite for destruction.

Available at crackcaramel.com, $12-$55.

Photo: Jennifer Gregori / Courtesy of Crack Caramel