Let Them Eat Cake: Full of Grace & Rubies

A better way to plan a party

grace and rubies!

Birthday party envy [burth-dey pahr-tee en-vee] n. a condition caused by excessive time spent on mom/design blogs while researching party ideas. Also caused by Pinterest, Etsy.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling defined by the party you throw a 2-year-old (we get it), but thanks to Full of Grace & Rubies it doesn’t have to take so much time.

The Chicago-based full-service party planning business has launched an online shop that curates party goods around themes (outer space, circus, princesses). You’ll find everything you need to make the bash look like a pro put it together — including pinspirational images for layout and setup.

We love the selection of oversize balloons in solid colors and polka dots. Add a little helium and it’s easy to understand how one could get carried away.

Available at graceandrubies.com, $2-$65.

Photo: Courtesy of Grace and Rubies