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The PopUp Dinner L.A.

Ready, set, dine

pop-up dinner!

The Olympics may be over, but here in Los Angeles we remain ever committed to the rigors of athleticism.

On August 25, reigning world champions Nicole Benjamin, Garrett Sathre, and Elizabeth Hamon of Hand Made Events will demonstrate their unparalleled agility at synchronized picnic planning.

Much like the San Francisco and San Diego trials, the trio’s 4,000-person outdoor fete requires high levels of both creativity and technical skill.

In a dramatic twist, they won’t reveal the precise location until the day of; they boldly request all guests wear white and take their own table linens, libations, and edibles (seating arrangements provided).

Equipped with picnic baskets (for guests who can’t be bothered to pack their own), the elegant routine also provides a roving band. An after-hours DJ goes for the gold with boogie-down dance tunes.

The crowd is sure to go wild.

Tickets are available through August 18 at popupla.eventbrite.com, $28-$78. Limited tickets are on reserve for DailyCandy readers with promo code dcandy. For more information, go to popupla.info.

Photo: Courtesy of The PopUp Dinner L.A.