Lover by Catrina Gregory Jewelry

Brass baubles that shoot to thrill

lover by catrina gregory jewelry!

Catrina Gregory used to be an editor.

Nowadays she works with firearm munition.

Lest you jump to any hasty conclusions, an explanation: In addition to her penchant for wordsmithery, Gregory is one heck of a jewelry designer. For her new line, Lover, she hones in on brass, fashioning religious amulets and sculpture statement rings out of the repurposed (read: affordable) metal.

Recently, a pal brought Gregory some patinaed bullet shells and — bang! — inspiration struck. For the pendant necklaces, she polishes the cap ends, coats the shells to protect them from tarnishing, and threads a chain through their bases; for stud earrings, she melts the brass and molds it into replicas of bullet caps for assorted caliber handguns (Colt 45, 38 Special).

The explosive collection’s pacifistic message rings clear: Make accessories, not war.

Available at Hip’tique, 2727 Main Street, between Ashland Avenue and Hill Street, Santa Monica (310-399-6106 or hiptique.com); at etsy.com, $48-$225.

Photo: Courtesy of Catrina Gregory

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