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Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee

Java with a license to chill

secret squirrel cold brew coffee!

The thought of a hot cup of joe in this heat wave is enough to make you quit your caffeine habit cold turkey.

Keep your cool: We’re blowing the cover off a new brew that has java insiders buzzing.

Husband-and-wife team Rebecca and Trevor Smith grind specially sourced fair trade, organic beans and soak them for 18 to 24 hours in filtered water to produce Secret Squirrel. The smooth coffee, which is 67 percent less acidic than its scorching counterpart, has chocolaty undertones and a mild kick.

Simply mix one part cold brew concentrate with two parts milk or water or follow reader-submitted recipes (iced Cubano, faux low-cal latte) from the website.

It’s a wake-up message in a bottle (containing six to seven eight-ounce servings).

We’re happy to spill the beans.

Available at Atwater Village Farm, 3224 Glendale Boulevard, at Larga Avenue, Atwater Village (323-660-8888 or atwatervillagefarm.com); at secretsquirrelcoldbrew.goodsie.com, $20 for two sixteen-ounce bottles.

Photo: Courtesy of Secret Squirrel

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