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Foxy's Pash Premium Frozen Yogurt Launches

A new way to get cultured

foxy's pash frozen yogurt!

In some parts of the world (Australia, the UK), “to pash” means to kiss.

In L.A., Foxy’s Pash gives unhealthy ingredients the kiss-off.

The brainchild of business partners Angus Murray and Michael Taylor, along with Murray’s pediatrician wife, Jenny, the new frozen yogurt (low in fat, calories, and sugar, and gluten free) has conscientious eaters puckering up for a taste of the sweet stuff.

Mouthwatering varieties include Sneaky Pash (wild berry and chocolate flakes), Cheeky Pash (mango and passion fruit smoothie), Naughty Pash (honeycomb and caramel chunks), and Sassy Pash (vanilla bean with strawberry hunks).

The yogurt is made with real California milk and fresh fruit and has the light, fluffy consistency of soft-serve (without the aftertaste of shame).

Order a pint (or five) online and use promo code FOXYS12 to get 30 percent off your final purchase.

That’s real lip service.

Available at foxypash.com, $6.

Photos: Courtesy of Foxy’s Pash