We Are the 99 Percent

"Sh*tty Mom" hits shelves

sh*tty mom!

Maybe 1 percent of moms can zip through a book in just a few nights. The rest of us are lucky if we stay awake long enough to re-read the one sentence we read the night before.

So imagine our joy when we got through multiple chapters of Sh*tty Mom: the Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us before sleep hit us like a load of laundry. True confession: Chapters top out around three pages.

After reading sections titled “How to Deal with Moms Who Exercise” and “He Wants Sex; You Want to Sew Your Legs Shut for Ten Years,” for once we were the moms saying, “I just read the most hilarious thing,” at drop-off the next morning.

The authors (Today show producers Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner, journalist Karen Moline, and stand-up comedian Laurie Kilmartin) give voice to all the inappropriate thoughts you’ve had since becoming a mom and offer real advice that may change the way you feel about your parenting. We’ve adopted the following: Whatever you do that requires a babysitter is no one’s business.

The end.

Available at amazon.com, $13.

Photo: Courtesy of Abrams Books