DIY Bird and Feather Terrariums

Like Build-a-Bear but for plants

bird and feather!

Despotic bosses. Maddening traffic. That weird rash that won’t go away. Amid such chaos, you dream of escaping to a private oasis.

Too bad you blew all your air miles on that last-minute summer getaway.

Thanks to Bird and Feather terrariums, all is not lost. You just need some DIY gumption and an Internet connection.

Here’s how it works:

1. Log on to the company’s website and browse a variety of vessels that include hanging and tabletop glass globes, vases, and apothecary jars.

2. Pick your moss color (soothing mauve, electric purple); add some sparkle with amethyst and pyrite clusters, mini geodes, and quartz crystal points.

3. Choose your air plant. Grown primarily in California greenhouses, they require watering only twice a month (i.e., no green thumb required).

Et voila! Paradise found.

Available at shop.birdandfeather.com, containers start at $5.

Photo: Courtesy of Bird and Feather