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Butchering 101 at Lindy & Grundy's Meats

Slaughterhouse rules

lindy & grundy!

Pescetarians and herbivores, avert your eyes.

This missive is meant for animal lovers (and we don’t mean PETA).

Lindy & Grundy’s, everybody’s favorite organic West Hollywood butcher, is gearing up to drop some knowledge. Beginning this Sunday and continuing through the fall, Lindy (Amelia Posada) and Grundy (Erika Nakamura) will hold weekend workshops on the not-so-delicate art of butchering.

Strap on an apron and put those frozen cutlets out to pasture as you learn to truss a chicken or case a sausage. Each three-hour class is devoted to a different protein; specialty classes — like a Thanksgiving turkey demo during which students learn to brine and carve a bird — are also on the syllabus.

While the ladies wield their knives, they discuss the animal’s provenance, diet, and the humane way it was slaughtered.

Students take home a sample cut and newfound appreciation for mammalian anatomy.

Lindy & Grundy’s Meats, 801 North Fairfax Avenue, at Waring Avenue, West Hollywood (323-951-0804 or lindyandgrundy.com). Classes start at $150.

Photo: Courtesy of Lindy & Grundy’s Meats

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