Peaking Lights's Fall Playlist

The influential husband-and-wife duo tunes in

peaking lights's fall playlist!

Had enough of “Gangnam Style”?

We recruited Peaking Lights, the L.A.-based band known for their hypnotic new dub sound (and rad, crate-digging mixtapes) to curate a thoughtful, fall-inspired playlist that puts mind over meme.

Listen up.

Kaddish,” by Gina X Performance
(The German dance-rock outfit’s peculiar, spoken word tribute to the Jewish Mourner’s Prayer.)

Move On Up,” by The Flying Lizards
(Curtis Mayfield meets new-wave posturing.)

32 Bit Chip,” by Prince Jammy
(Computerized dub from Kingston’s mix maestro.)

I’m This I’m That,” by Moondog
(The eccentric musician’s song of himself.)

Frontline Version/Tribulation,” by Prince Far I, Creation Rebel, and Bim Sherman
(Three powerhouse Jamaican talents join forces.)

The Lady Rachel,” by Kevin Ayers
(A pastoral folksy melody from a psychedelic rock pioneer.)

Savanah Georgia,” by Francis Bebey
(The African songwriter’s got Georgia on his mind.)

Starship Bahia,” by Adrian Sherwood
(Ambient smooth grooves with inflections of world genres.)

Voodoo Break,” by Gypsy Caravan
(Trippy beats for your next drum circle.)

Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Dub),” by Locussolus
(DJ Harvey’s sinister-sounding ode to spam.)

For more information on Peaking Lights, go to peakinglights.com. Stream the playlist on Spotify.

Photo: Sandy Kim / Courtesy of Peaking Lights