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Seoul Sausage Company Opens

Where Korean barbecue and hot dogs collide

seoul sausage company!

sausage fest
n. A social gathering wherein the number of men vastly exceeds the number of women. org. A reference to a certain part of the male anatomy.

Updated Entry: 2012

n. A phrase used to describe the convivial atmosphere at new restaurant Seoul Sausage Company, opening Saturday. (i.e., “With its rad wall mural, friendly servers, and tasty array of encased meats, this place is a total sausage fest.”)

Brainchild of The Great Food Truck Race’s Yong Kim, Chris Oh, and Ted Kim, SSC is the brick-and-mortar iteration of their popular (and competition-winning) mobile concept.

The menu’s premise is simple: Korean barbecue flavors packed into fresh sausages. Crowd-pleasing mains include the Kalbi sausage (served with kimchi relish and garlic jalapeno aioli) and spicy pork sausage with apple-cabbage slaw.

For a side, opt for the flaming fried kimchi balls.

They’re like a party in your mouth.

Seoul Sausage Company, 11313 Mississippi Avenue, between Sawtelle Boulevard and Corinthe Avenue, Westside (310-477-7739 or seoulsausage.com).

Photo: Biz Urban Photography for DailyCandy

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