Kneeland Co. Mercado Launches

Nab worldly goods, no passport required

kneeland co. mercado world marketplace!

As far as gigs go, crisscrossing the world in search of exotic treasures is pretty darn sweet.

So goes the life of jet-setting textiles expert Joanna Williams, who, for years, sold her finds from far-flung locales exclusively to designers at her private showroom. In 2011, she opened her Atwater Village studio, Kneeland Co., to the public, and regular folks (like us) rejoiced.

Now Williams is taking her global bounty, well, global, with her just-launched online shop, Kneeland Co. Mercado.

Vivid pom-pom hats from Morocco? Check. Knotted rugs from Mexico City? Done. Peruvian table sets. Roger that. And there’s more ethnic jewelry than you could ever carry back in a suitcase.

If you squint just right, you might feel like you’re wandering an outdoor market in a faraway land.

Or just discover you’re nearsighted.

Available at kneelandmercado.com, $25 and up.

Photos: Courtesy of Kneeland Co. Mercado