All Head, No Heart

Bodie and Fou decorative animal heads

bodie and fou!

The Queen of Hearts was on to something. If one more stuffed animal weasels its way into your kid’s bedroom, you may go off with its head.

Or you could cut to the chase with a decorative animal noggin from Bodie and Fou. The three-dimensional plush wall hangings are handmade in India from wool felt. You’ll be hard-pressed to choose just one elephant, polar bear, or fox from the irresistibly cute collection.

Sweet, without an ounce of saccharine, they are equally appropriate in a newborn’s nursery or a 4-year-old’s lair. And though they’re missing bodies, feet, and tails, they do have a fabric loop for hanging them right on the wall.

Now that’s using your bean.

Available at bodieandfou.com, $98.

Photos: Courtesy of Bodie and Fou