Q&A: Woman Behind the Blog

Like Fresh Laundry's Natalie Goel

like fresh laundry natalie noel!

Looking perfectly polished despite a jam-packed creative calendar takes serious skill; no one does it better than Like Fresh Laundry’s Natalie Goel. From collaborations with sites including Cuyana and Bevel to walking the runway at the Lab Event, this busy blogger does it all with an enviable, elegant ease. We caught up with Natalie to dish reading lists, favorite moments, and dream vacations.

Name: Natalie Goel

Occupation: Marketing for Shop It to Me

Neighborhood: The Mission

If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be and why?
I’d be a midcentury walnut dresser. It’s clean and modern but also classic. It’s the real deal — none of that particle board biz.

Where did you come up with the name for your blog?
I wanted the blog to be about things I love, like fresh laundry. I like that it sounds super upbeat and feels cozy. And of course, there’s the obvious clothing-laundry connection.

What are you currently reading, both digitally and in print?
In print I’m polishing off Bossypants. It’s gotten a lot of hype, but I have to say, it delivered. Digitally, I read blogs mostly. Blogs on blogs on blogs. Just fashion- and designed-focused sites for the most part, but also TechCrunch and Mashable. I do work at a start-up, after all.

What’s the best thing to happen to you since creating your blog?

I’ve had so many awesome experiences — especially meeting an active local creative community and collaborating with established and up-and-coming designers and brands I love. Being on the Forever 21 billboard in Times Square was probably one of the most memorable opportunities.

Manicures: Do you have a signature shade or do you change it up? What’s on your nails now?

I change it up all the time, although I do wear pale pink a lot. Right now I’m wearing Julep Dendrie, a light gray shade.

Pack a bag for your dream vacation. What’s inside and where are you going?
I’d love to spend more time in Japan, especially Tokyo and Hakone. You can’t go wrong with such a stylish city or natural hot springs. As far as packing goes, I’d keep it pretty minimal since light luggage makes traveling so much easier. My dark-wash boyfriend jeans, a few tees, my chambray button-down, cozy sweater, and my go-to black leather jacket are all I’d need, since they’re easy to mix and match.

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Photo: Chris Jennings / Courtesy of Like Fresh Laundry