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Sink your teeth into The Pig & Pastry Pie Co.

Frozen dinners good enough for gourmands

Though they might inspire nostalgia, images of overdone pork chops and canned crescent rolls now fail to tempt your foodie palate.

Catapult the holy union of animal protein and baked goods to new heights with The Pig & Pastry Pie Co. Butcher-slash-baker Melissa Cortina sources produce and fine meats from local ranchers and farmers; whips up down-home staples like chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie, and gravy-soaked biscuits; and then delivers them to your door.

the pig & pastry pie co.!

In spite of the pillars of Southern cuisine (read: meat, butter, more meat), herbivores can get in on the action, too, when a curried cauliflower and spinach concoction is introduced this week. Vegan chocolate icebox pies are on offer now.

We’re drooling already.

Available at goodeggs.com, $8-$12.

Photos: Josh Patterson; Carla Choy / Courtesy of The Pig & Pastry Pie Co.