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The 10 Best Pumpkin Dishes in Town

Reap the harvest

Pumpkin is more versatile than you might think — and not just thanks to spooky-faced malleability. Check out our picks for the best seasonal dishes from Los Feliz to the west side.

1. Pumpkin toast at Hinoki & the Bird (pictured). Fall is the season for layering: The chef here tops fresh-baked crostini with steamed kabocha, miso jam, crumbled goat cheese, Maldon sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, and toasted pumpkin seeds.

2. Locro de quinoa at Picca. Grab your spoon, nay, fork for this hearty pumpkin stew made with potato confit, Peruvian corn, crispy tomato, and Parmesan, with a fried egg and salsa criolla on top.

3. Ravioli alla zucca at Ca’Brea. These homemade pasta pockets have been on the menu for more than 22 years, thanks in part to the roasted pumpkin filling and in larger part to the butter walnut cream sauce.

4. Pumpkin quesadilla at The Farmer’s Kitchen. Support the Hollywood Farmers Market and rethink the quick-fix snack with pumpkin and butternut squash pureed to a butter and mixed with cheddar and red onion.

5. Yellow Magic Orchestra at Shojin. Judge this book by its cover: Shojin’s pumpkin-tempura sushi is as surprising as its title suggests, rolled with veggies, curry spiced tempeh, and served with Karashi mustard sauce.

pumpkin dishes!

6. Pumpkin tiramisu at Crossroads (pictured). Pastry chef/wizard Serafina Magnussen whips up a spiced cake accented with cream and French ginger liqueur — proof that decadent desserts elude vegans no longer.

7. Pumpkin and prosciutto pizza at Lucifers Pizza. The joint’s most popular pie after basic cheese and pepperoni (snooze) is topped with cuts from a whole roasted pumpkin. The Zucha has pumpkin, olives, zucchini, red bell pepper, and spinach.

8. Pumpkin pancakes at Hugo’s Restaurant. A sweet triple stack with baked-in pumpkin for extra fluffiness. And take your time — breakfast is served till 4 p.m. daily.

9. Tortelloni di zucca at Pizzicotto. Thank the sisters Isabella and Luciana Momesso for this pumpkin ricotta-filled tortelloni with tomato pesto sauce and a touch of cream. Molte grazie!

10. Pumpkin streusel pie at Simplethings. Proponents of the individually sized pie, the owners sandwich a blend of pumpkin, cream cheese, and spices between a house-made crust and buttery streusel. Also available in larger sizes for sharing (or not).

Photos: Courtesy of Hinoki & the Bird; Courtesy of Crossroads

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