Lather Up with Fabled Soap Co.

A no-filler skin care line

Despite your chemical-filled beauty cabinet, an apple a day can still keep the doctor away (but only if you have good aim and a strong arm).

The smarter option: Toss the offending goop to clear space for Fabled Soap Co.

SoCal-based founder Mickey Cho applies the proverbial sentiment to skin care, incorporating health food-inspired elements into a cornucopia of handmade soaps. Case in point: The Johnny Appleseed bar is made with vitamin-rich fruit and skin-softening olive oil and none of the harmful ingredients lurking in store-bought cleansers. Natural ingredient-based balms, oils, and bath soaks are also on offer.

fabled soap co.!

Lather up with Ultimate Walnut for moisturizing results; maintain with lavish Parisian lavender and Tonka bean Black Swan body oil.

You’ll be the fairest of them all after steeping yourself in bath soaks such as the oatmeal-infused, ylang-ylang-scented Snow White.

They’re good to the core.

Available at etsy.com and brika.com, $3-$25.

fabled soap co.!

Photos: Courtesy of Fabled Soap Co.