L.A.’s Best Holistic Medicine and Wellness Remedies 2013

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best of l.a. wellness 2013!

Go ahead, indulge your inner hypochondriac. We have the cure for whatever ails you.

Symptoms: Blurred vision, sudden aversion to solid food, vertigo
Diagnosis: Acute post-celebratory exhaustion
Treatment plan: Juice Served Here’s earthy decor and ample seating are a reprieve for tired eyes and limbs, while the menu of shakes, coffees, and elixirs gets your vitals in order. For a quick fix, pound a Clover power shot and head home for some R&R, making sure to grab a raw cranberry-blueberry quinoa salad for later.

Symptoms: Glowlessness, overall skin-health dissatisfaction
Diagnosis: Toxic product overdose
Treatment plan: Revive your dull dermis from the inside out with Sonya Dakar and Paleta’s Get Glowing detox. For extreme cases, a purifying session at Shape House urban sweat lodge is highly effective. Follow up with a thorough product drawer clean-out and personalized toxin-free regimen from Beautycounter.

best of wellness 2013!

Symptoms: Muscle stiffness, sensitivity to light, self-induced agoraphobia
Diagnosis: Early-onset couch potatosis
Treatment plan: Start with plenty of fresh air and a brisk walk to activate healthy blood flow. Once the initial shock of physical activity wears off, a full-body stretch and uphill climb at AuraCycle will have you feeling 100 percent. Maintain with weekly visits to Tracy Anderson’s flagship studio for a regular dose of ass kicking.

Symptoms: Uncontrollable deep thoughts, frequent space-outs
Diagnosis: Acute WAIDWML (i.e., What am I doing with my life?) syndrome
Treatment plan: A four-day stay at The Ranch — complete with spa treatments, hypnotherapy, and energy healing — should put things in perspective. If symptoms persist, consult a specialist. We recommend holistic health coach Ashley Neese.

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