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L.A.’s Best Bakeries and Treats 2013

Top spots to sate your candy cravings

We’ll tell ourselves just about anything to absolve tonight’s sugar/booze-fueled antics. But once the buzz subsides, we’re reminded that sweating it out at the gym three times a week is hard and munching on greens is downright boring.

Herewith, a sweet New Year’s resolution checklist we can wholeheartedly get behind.

Keep rolling in the dough: Edoughble

Treat yo’ self: Clara Cakes

Curb your carb intake with silver dollar-size morsels: Bakeology

best of sweet things!

Chill out: Salt & Straw

Take your vitamins in chocolate form: Nohmad Snack Co.

Have your cake and eat it, too: Bo Nuage

Get your nerd on: Ice Cream Lab

Perfect your layering skills: Lady M Confections

best of sweet things!

Photos: Courtesy of Edoughable; Leela Cyd / Courtesy of Salt & Straw