Stitch a Lovely Leather iPad Case

The Fabric Store shows you how

The season’s myriad exchanges left you with the odd Applebee’s gift card and a house slipper collection Grandma would envy.

Fortunately, The Fabric Store — the New Zealand outfit opened its first U.S. flagship a few months back — is a present you can really use.

Drop by the meticulously merchandised space to peruse color-coordinated silks, merino jerseys, hides, and other sought-after textiles. Keep an eye out for familiar prints; the shop stocks loads of designer fabric samples from seasons past.

Need a new idea for the New Year? We tapped TFS’s crafters for a simple tutorial, so you can treat yourself (or a deserving pal) to a handmade pouch that will carry you — and your iPad — right into spring.

the fabric store diy!

A piece of leather at least 23 inches long
A strip of leather 30 inches long and ¾ inches wide for the fastening
A pair of sharp scissors
Sewing machine with a leather needle
A ruler and tailor’s chalk (or pen)
Good-quality top-stitching thread

1. Cut out a piece of leather 10½ inches wide by 22 inches long (to fit an iPad).

2. Trim one end to a point to create an envelope flap at a maximum depth of 4½ inches.

3. Fold the straight end of the leather piece to create a pocket large enough for an iPad.

4. Sew up the sides using a leather needle and top-stitching thread.

5. Cut 21 inches up the length of the fastening to create a split. Fold a 2-inch loop from the unsplit end and hand-sew it to the center of the flap.

The Fabric Store, 136 South La Brea Avenue, between First and Second Streets (323-931-8300 or thefabricstoreusa.com).

the fabric store diy!

Photos: Courtesy of The Fabric Store

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