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Take a Trip to East Borough

Vietnamese eats in the heart of Culver City

east borough!

A quick recap of the events leading up to your finest Vietnamese meal yet:

Late 1980s: Chloe Tran develops a taste for traditional Southeast Asian flavors and spices on her mom’s food truck (years before everyone and her mother were doing it).

2005: Tran and hometown pal John Cao dream up a dining concept that marries authentic Hanoi street eats with SoCal’s abundant produce.

2010: The first East Borough location debuts in Costa Mesa to rave reviews.

2011: The duo joins forces with Paul Hibler (Pitfire Artisan Pizza, Superba Snack Bar) and chef Jason Neroni (Osteria la Buca, Superba Snack Bar).

This week: You come face to face with market-driven, French-influenced Vietnamese food at the opening of East Borough’s Culver City outpost.

Sidle up to a communal table for a heaping helping of Muc/Xoi (octopus, green mango, kale, pineapple-anchovy dressing), share a plate of hoisin hanger steak with daikon cakes, and step out on the patio for beignets and condensed milk-infused coffee.

Mark your lunch order on a dim sum-style checklist, making sure to star the pho baguette, a sandwich incarnation of the beloved noodle soup.

It’s culinary history in the making.

East Borough, 9810 Washington Boulevard, between Hughes Avenue and Delmas Terrace, Culver City (310-596-8266 or east-borough.com). Dinner service set to start next week.

east borough!

Photos: Kimberly Genevieve for DailyCandy

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9810 Washington Blvd
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