Go Gaga for These Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Stuff your love will love for all eternity

v-day gift guide!

Forgettable flowers and conventional chocolates are for amore amateurs.

Burn, Baby, Burn
Bust out this almost-too-pretty-to-torch Cire Trudon candle on the 14th to honor one of history’s most hopeless romantics, Marie Antoinette. Better yet, keep it out year-round as a constant reminder to stay levelheaded.

Ring My Bell
Actions speak louder than words. Volunteer to be your steady’s servant for the day and respond to summons by way of a Skultuna dinner bell.

Heavy Petaling
Roses are red, violets are blue, send her another generic bouquet and you might be through. Flower Girl Los Angeles crowns are on every gal’s list; snatch one up and be rewarded with a big, fat kiss.

v-day guide!

Undercover Lover
Made in limited quantities and filled with all-natural cotton for maximum cuddle potential, a Hopewell quilt is precisely what your bed’s been missing; it can also pull double-duty as a breakup soother, keeping your newly single pal warm at night.

Love Potion
Fact: Every girl’s crazy about a nice-smelling man. Skip the department store’s spritz-happy cologne slingers and give your guy a vial of Blackbird Tinderbox. Just a few dabs leave a faint trail of cedarwood, metal, and white pepper.

Put a Ring on Him
Man jewelry gets a bad rap. Set the record straight with Rogue Territory’s sterling-silver feather ring: It’s lightweight, subtle, and — much like the dude who’s rocking it — only getting better with age.

Friends Forever
Nothing’s impossible with your BFF by your side (you even managed to make fetch happen). Reaffirm your friend love with quotable baubles, like the fourteen karat gold-plated Full of Secrets hair clip from Stella & Bow’s Mean Girls-themed collection.

Photos: Courtesy of Chay; Courtesy of Mohawk General Store; Courtesy of Hopewell