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Take Bon Puf Cotton Candy Out for a Spin

Creative flavor combinations from a local sugar shaper

bon puf!

Good journalism requires objectivity and neutrality.

But after sampling Bon Puf cotton candy, we had to make this a puff piece.

Classic confection enthusiast Cloë Lane had the idea to revamp the carnival treat during her senior year of high school. Months of ingredient research (natural flavors and colors were a priority) and one custom-built cart later, she can be found dispensing freshly spun cones at local festivals and private events — that is, when she isn’t hitting the books as a full-time student.

bon puf!

Book Bon Puf for your next affair and choose one of three package options — Petite, Soiree, or Grande — based on the number of guests. Single-flavor options (Earl Grey, coconut) please purists, but it’s the inventive signature combos — mango chili (fruity floss dusted with the hot stuff) and salted caramel (dulce de leche fluff, dash of sea salt) — that have us whipped into a frenzy. Got a particular hankering? Ask Lane to dream it up custom.

We want a full report.

For more information, go to bonpuf.com. Parties start at $150.

Photos: Kimberly Genevieve for DailyCandy