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Get Sweet on The Sugar Lab

3-D-printed candy from a Silver Lake micro-design firm

the sugar lab!

Soda pop, Pixy Stix, the indestructible Twinkie (welcome back, old friend): We thought we’d seen sugar in every possible form.

That is, until Silver Lake micro-design firm The Sugar Lab beamed cutting-edge confections onto the sucrose scene.

With the help of a 3-D printer, lab partners in crime Kyle and Liz von Hasseln construct edible sculpture (architectural cake toppers, customizable treats) for weddings and special events. The high-tech printing process — ultrafine sugar layers interlace with jets of water until each model is completed — makes the Jetsons’s Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle look like a sad relic.

the sugar lab!

Sink your teeth into a limited run of ready-to-ship candies in two flavors: sour apple bonbons done up in fluorescent gradients or picturesque peppermints to perk up your morning mud. Each set of twelve (plus one special extra) consists of six stand-alone or intermingling shapes. Delivery is available exclusively in L.A. County.

The future of fructose is now.

Available at cubify.com, $66 (including delivery) for a baker’s dozen. For more information, go to the-sugar-lab.com.

Photos: Courtesy of The Sugar Lab