Guardian Angel

To drive, or not to drive.
That is the question.

You made it out. You dragged your sorry self out of the house and ended up congratulating yourself with not one, not two, but three martinis.

But, um… over the course of four hours? No problem. You feel fine!

Or do you?

Time for the Guardian Angel Personal Alcohol Test. Sized like a credit card, it’s easy to stash in your wallet with that other protective measure (and we’re not talking about Amex). It’s simple enough to use even when your sobriety is challenged. Three steps: Place strip on tongue. Wait two minutes. Match it to the risk meter. Voila! You have just estimated your blood alcohol content. Three minutes well spent, we say.

We’ve yet to find it in New York, but spotted it on a liquor store counter in LA.

Maybe Los Angeles is a city of angels, after all.

For more information, log on to guardianangel.com.