Dude, did you say thank you for all those lovely holiday gifts? (Did you at least have your assistant send something?)

Maybe you’re announcing an engagement?
Or maybe you just need an excuse to have a party?

Whatever the reason, you’re socially a-twitter these days and in the mood to correspond. So be like J-Lo, Brad and Jennifer, Oprah, Tom and Rita, and Kate and Steven. Get your cards made at Marc Friedland. His team at Creative Intelligence designs personal, clever, pretty stationery that fits any occasion and any personality. Feeling Mona Lisa? They’ll superimpose your pic into a Louvre-worthy frame. Having a disco theme party? Send the invite on a vinyl record. (Sugar Ray got a velour Afro on his.)

Now, if only he could also get us invited to all those parties …

Marc Friedland cards are available online or by phone at 888-448-9009.