The Writing's on the Wall

Is your boyfriend a serial killer? A cheat? Artistic? Sexually frustrated? All of the above? (Trust us, we’ve been there.)

Option one: Go on Ricki Lake. Exhibitionism therapy.
Option two: Rummage through his drawers. Stalker therapy.

Or wait. Is the answer right in front of you? Before you get paranoid, send a sample of his scribbling to LA handwriting analyst Lena Rivkin. She does house calls and private parties, and will even let you fax her a sample to discuss. You’d be surprised how on-the-money she is. (She claims to have been right about O.J. and Monica Lewinsky.) Does he make full loops in his y’s? That’s his sexual zone. Does he slant downwards off the lines? He’s depressed. Is the penmanship squiggly? He’s artistic.

Two thousand years ago, Aristotle wrote about the connections between handwriting and personality. Now all savvy Angelenos are following his lead.

And who says LA don’t know from culture?

Contact Lena Rivkin at 818-985-2626 or email her at lcr@jps.net.