Oh, Let It Go

You’re 12. You’re a genius. Your cousin (another genius) is in love with you. Your mother’s brilliant (though nutty) and designs elaborate gardens. Grandma collects obits (whose doesn’t? Everyone needs an apartment), and Grandpa is building the world’s most impressive burial plot.

Your allegedly dead father? Ah, therein lies the real mystery of your life.

Yes, it’s just another day in the life of the eccentric Trotter clan, modern Beverly Hills billionaires. While The Corrections was the family epic that topped every critic’s list in 2001, Bruce Wagner’s I’ll Let You Go is the saga poised to carry the literary baton this year.

Advance buzz has been deafening. For good reason. The language is elaborate and rich; the characters, a motley, fascinating crew. At 550 pages, it’s no weekend read, but you’ll quickly lose yourself in the insanely privileged Los Angeles world Wagner whips up.

A rich Tenenbaums for the West Coast set? Yes, and so much more.

I’ll Let You Go is available from our partner Amazon.com or at local bookstores.