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Coffee Break 101

At the College of Creating Cool Hangouts, Warner Ebbink is a professor. Heck, having run Swingers, Jones, Bar Marmont, and Good Luck Bar, he has tenure. Now, straight from the syllabus of Coffee Shops 101, Warner’s latest:

The 101 Coffee Shop.

Rejoice Hollywood Hills hipsters — you have a new haunt. Ebbink has transformed the “Last Cappucino Before the 101” relic of the Swingers era into a timeless boite. And he’s answered the neighborhood prayer for a late-night outpost. In the cool confines of a tan leather booth, you can scarf down updated coffee-shop greats until all hours. (Well, almost all. It’s open till 3:00 a.m.)

The menu includes a grilled portobello sandwich, the tofu “no huevos” rancheros, and a fried-green-tomato salad. (Finally! A proper salad east of the 101!) But sticklers for the requisite French toast and fries will feel right at home with a burger, mac and cheese, and specials like Thursday’s fried chicken. Like the menu, the decor takes typical coffee shop to a stylish new level: mosaic-tiled walls, a flagstone-flanked entrance, and a jukebox that plays Aretha, Marvin, and the Allmans.

Really, who needs to master Stuffing Your Face 201?

The 101 Coffee Shop, in the Best Western Hollywood Hills Hotel, 6145 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood (323-467-1175).

802 Broadway
@ Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
6145 Franklin Ave
bt Carmen Ave & Vista Del Mar St
Los Angeles, CA 90028
8020 Beverly Blvd
@ North Laurel Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048