Free Arts

Sing in the shower much? Strangely attached to your Magic Markers? Entranced by the potential of silver glitter?

Time to put those artistic yearnings to good use, Picasso. Go volunteer with Free Arts for Abused Children.

On any given Saturday at outposts around the country, Free Arts provides therapeutic-arts programs for abused or neglected children. At the Edelman Children’s Courthouse in L.A. recently, kids drew and painted while waiting for their court hearings. At crisis centers set up in New York City after September 11, volunteers helped kids make dream boxes, note cards, and yo-yos while their parents waited in line for emergency cash and housing assistance.

(It’s so much fun, we’re not sure who’s getting more therapy: us or them.)

Procrastinators, here’s incentive: On January 26, Fresh Start is hosting a Free Arts benefit at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Click here for more info.

Not so good at art? It’s okay. Being good at heart is enough.

For information on volunteer opportunities, contact Free Arts LA, (310-313-4ART), visit www.freearts.org, or e-mail losangeles@freearts.org.