Daddy, I Want a Pony

Make room on the shelf next to the Fred Perry and the Tenenbaum-inspired Adidas running suit.

Pony is back, with a whole new attitude.

Remember gym class? Those preppy girls in their Tretorn sneakers and Dolphin shorty-shorts thought they looked cool.

What a difference a few decades makes. This time around, everyone from Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe to Anthony Kiedis and the Hilton sisters (yes, those two again) is wearing the revamped T-shirts, tanks, and sneakers. We’re digging the baseball tee in periwinkle, the retro block jacket and the free-throw shoes. Need more proof of how cool they now are? Visit their Website, pony.com. (Better than TV!)

An American classic back on the scene? We like. They’re kicking it … old-school style.

Pony is available at Fred Segal, 8100 Melrose Avenue, at Crescent Heights (310-651-4129). Items are now 25 percent off online at www.pony.com.