A New Frame of Mind

The i-Zone was fun for a week or two, but in the end, a sticker isn’t worth a thousand words. The slick Elph? Cute, but who’s going to save an e-mail photo attachment to show their grandkids?

Is it too much to ask for something worth the silver frame? Something more special than the ho-hum five-by-seven? Getting the white-border option on our pics was a start. (It’s very art-director.)

But here’s something that goes a step beyond. Sea Hour Photo has the coolest printing style called the Sloppy Border. They let the negative peek out around your image, giving every photo a unique black border inside a crisp white edge. Oh, and they sepia-tone too, for that added nostalgic touch.

So snap to it, shutterbabe. Drop off your film or mail it in. You’ll want to give all your prints away as gifts. Just don’t forget the handwritten note.

Sea Hour Photo, 3110 Main Street, No. 102, at Marine, Santa Monica (310-392-2228); 11670 San Vicente, at Barrington, Brentwood (310-442-1120). For more information, visit www.seahourphoto.com.