Suitably Named

“What are you doing in that cockamamy street suit?”
-Frank Sinatra to Sammy Davis Jr., 1963

You said it, Frank. Grunge is over. Baggy is tired — and nothing makes the chicks weak in the knees like a stylish suit.

Dapper tailor Jack Taylor (yes, that’s his real name) fashioned the Rat Pack style and outfitted Cary Grant, Danny Thomas, and Humphrey Bogart back in the day. The 80-something seamster is still in action cranking out suits, blazers, and sport coats for a new generation of swingers like Jason Schwartzman, Dewey Nicks, and Lisa Eisner.

Quality and old-world tailoring are key: classic cuts, the finest fabrics, and handstitched pockets and hems. And — bonus! — Taylor creates suits for women. You’ll drop some serious greenbacks on his threads (prices for made-to-measure start at about $2,500), but glamour like this doesn’t come cheap, pallie.

Jack Taylor, 341 North Camden Drive (310-274-7276).