You're Jiggling, Baby. . .

You’re brushing your teeth when you spot it in the mirror behind you. You gasp.

Back fat.

As if those five pounds that seem to be having separation anxiety from your thighs weren’t bad enough. Now this?

Yoga? Been there. Spinning? Yes. (It hurts.) Star-studded Tae-Bo? Whatever. And while Pilates is not news to anyone, we have a suggestion. Follow the likes of Madonna, Angelina Jolie, and Denise Richards to A Body Prepared, the Pilates studio where the in-the-know go to work out in a no-hassle, Zen-like environment. The large studio is where Kim Lee, the private instructor, reigns — using all sorts of Pilates exercises and adding whatever you need to get back into shape. (Inspiring bonus: He’s the spitting image of Bruce Lee and makes you want to kick ass.)

Need more proof? Take a look at the hips on his clients. Little wonder major-studio execs keep him on speed dial.

A Body Prepared, 8242 West 3rd Street, third floor (323-653-1981).