The 411 on Your Candy

There seem to be some questions about DailyCandy and the way things work around here. How an item is selected. Why it is selected. And, most important, if it is paid for.

The answer: No.

Items are selected by our editors. One cannot, under any circumstance, pay to be featured in DailyCandy’s editorial. That would destroy the integrity, fun, and legitimacy of DailyCandy. Would you trust us to lead you to a restaurant if you knew that we were making a dime off your meal? We think not. (It would, of course, be an easy way for us to rake in some cash, but it would ruin our credibility.)

We report on things we see and things we think you might like. A hot new restaurant. A pair of jeans. A nifty trick for getting the lint off your clothing. A spa service. You get the picture. We needn’t go on.

How do we make money? DailyCandy is advertising-based. Advertisers pay for placement around the main body of the e-mail. These are always clearly marked “Advertisement” or “Sponsored Link.” We are very grateful to our advertisers (they keep us afloat!) and we hope that you are too. But every “item” is editorial. DailyCandy picks never have been and never will be paid for.

On that note, DailyCandy, on occasion, sends out carefully selected “Dedicated” e-mails: emails sent out on behalf of sponsors who want the privilege of strutting their stuff before your savvy, discerning eyes. When we publish one of these, you will know: The subject will be labeled “DailyCandy Dedicated” e-mail, to differentiate it from a regular DailyCandy item.

So there you have it. Some of you may already have known all this. Others … well, now you understand the gig. So when you drop $100 on a pair of panties or a watch, that’s all yours. Once in your hands, it’s out of ours. You can blame us for a barren bank account … but we’re not getting any richer off that little spending habit of yours.

We hope that you continue to enjoy your DailyCandy. We look forward to delivering it!


Dany Levy
DailyCandy, Inc.