Mayday! Mayday!

What’s with all this gab over the bikini line?

Sphinx? So 2001.
Graffiti? Maybe, if you’re a New York rebel.

Oh, get over yourself. Stick with the classic Brazilian, if you must go that bare. And visit May, who works at the small Aida Grey salon in Brentwood. A waxing godsend, she firmly believes it’s all about service (not scene, thanks). The best part? Her technique is painless. (Put away that Vicodin, you sicko.) May refuses press, but word is that she does a certain Pretty Woman, a former Miss America, and the girls from Sex and the City. She’s fast, gentle, discreet — and very sweet. (No wonder she has such an A-list clientele.)

And heaven knows, when your panties are around your ankles, a bit of TLC helps.

Aida Grey Beauty Salon, 11606 Chayote Avenue, off Barrington Place, (310-476-0076). DailyCandy readers who bring in a copy of this e-mail will receive 10 percent off.