Peace, Love, and Birks

Fashion can make you try lots of, um, “looks.” Skinny belts. Aviator sunglasses.

So how to embrace the hippie-that-shops-at-Barneys look without ending up in a tent-like dress that makes you look like Mrs. Roper?

Get a pair of Birkenstocks.

No, not the grungy ones you (and Gwyneth) wear to yoga class and rotate throughout the summer with your flip-flops. Stylish (and seasonally appropriate) babes (and boys) wear Oklahoma Birks.

These suede-and-shearling clogs have lambswool sewn inside the feet. Your toes may (ahem) be un-pedicured, but at least they’re extra-warm. And keep moving, baby: The more you walk, the more comfortable they get.

What to do come springtime? Word is that the It shoes will be the white-leather Granada sandal (such a great name!). Catfights have already started among fashion editors.

Birks only for tree-huggers? Puh-leeease.

Available at Madison, 11677 San Vicente Boulevard, No. 114, in the Brentwood Gardens (310-820-2300); and 106 South Robertson Boulevard (310-275-1930). Online at birkenstockonline.com.