In Full Bloom

Fashion’s feeling so romantic these days. Frilly skirts, ruffles on everything.

But you don’t really plan to wear a thong underneath that gypsy skirt, do you?

Come, now. Bloomers are back! Snicker all you like, but fashion arbiters have declared the latest panty trend — and it’s none other than old-fashioned bloomers. Frilly and fun, the girly panties look darn cute peeking out under miniskirts or above low-riding jeans … to say nothing for how effective they are when worn alone.

And you thought tutus were only for prissy chicks.

Need selection? Ruffled shorts by Pat Field are available online at purpleskirt.com. College side-tie briefs in tulle by Agent Provocateur at 7961 Melrose Avenue, between Fairfax and Crescent Heights (323-653-0229) or online at agentprovocateur.com. Lace-trim side-tie panties by Afsana available online at girlshop.com.