Pins and Needles

Oh, your aching back. Will nothing heal the pain? You’ve downed a bottle of Tylenol, let your lecherous neighbor give you a massage, and applied Ben-Gay all too liberally. You’re still walking around like Quasimodo.

Have you considered a visit to the needle-wielding blind man?

Probably not. Let us persuade you.

Korean-born acupuncturist Suk Woon Hahm lost his eyesight at the age of nineteen; from there, it was a short leap to Hollywood-celebrity healer. After training in Korea, Hahm moved to California and became the first blind man licensed in the art of the needle. He now runs the Hahm Rejuvenation Center, which is just a quick skip (or hobble) from the Beverly Center. His skill with both needles and hands (he’s a massage therapist and shiatsu whiz) has drawn Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Mena Suvari, and John Travolta. Your turn.

Now do us a favor: Get rid of the Ben-Gay. We can smell it from here.

Hahm Rejuvenation Center, 8474 Third Street, suite 204 (323-966-4141).