Buckle Up

Wide belts.
Skinny belts.
Chain belts.
No belt.

No, honey. Belts! Baron’s belts. Whatever you choose to adorn your waistline with … know this: The accessories that everyone’s clamoring for are Baron’s Belts. The handmade buckles are crafted from vintage Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior fabrics mined from secondhand stores and flea markets. Each belt is crafted by — you guessed right — a fellow named Baron.

Oh, and should you need individuality, Baron does custom orders.

Label whores rejoice. Get in on a piece (and yes, it’s just a piece) of the action.

Elisa B., 12 Douglas Alley, between Fair Oaks Avenue and Delacey Street, Pasadena (626-792-4746); Jennifer Kaufman, The Beverly Center (310-854-1058).