They Really Do. . .

Sometimes the only way to get your closet truly clean is to empty the whole thing and start over. Some say that’s true of your body, too.

We Care Holistic Health Center is run by such people. People who believe that a spa experience is about cleansing and purifying (and we’re not talking about pedicures and facials).

Sure, they offer spa activities like hiking, yoga, and massage. But the central event (or events, depending on how long you stay) are the colonics (“Yay!” or “Yikes!” — your call). Not surprisingly, they’re also the major topic of conversation, so be prepared to discuss yours freely over swigs of raw-vegetable juice.

Located in Desert Hot Springs, We Care drew a lot of detoxing drug addicts back in the ’80s when it opened. Nowadays, you could find yourself sharing your inner secrets with Gisele or Christy.

Who knows? It just may inspire you to clean out your closet, too.

We Care Holistic Health Center, 18000 Long Canyon Road, Desert Hot Springs (800-888-2523) and online at wecarespa.com.