Cruise Patrol

What if we told you that you’d never have to wait in line at the DMV again? Never change another tire? Never get sweet-talked by another smarmy car salesman?

No, we’re not suggesting that you leave L.A. forever. Just that you reserve a slot on your speed dial — next to the trainer, stylist, and bikini waxer — for the newest member of your personal staff: the car consultant.

Todd Rosenthal and the folks at TBR Consultants/Spin Doctors spend night and day catering to the car whims of their lucky clientele. Whether it’s getting you the best deal on a new SUV or sussing out the source of that mysterious odor, Rosenthal will, for a small fee, shoulder every heinous automobile-related task you’ve ever put off dealing with.

Battery dead on Beverly? Within minutes you’ll be driving a luxury loaner. Fantasizing about a 4Runner? He’ll bring you a few to test-drive. DUI on the 405? He’ll call your publicist before the word gets out.

Now that’s what we call service. Honk if you love L.A.!

TBR Consultants/Spin Doctors (818-783-3383).