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Voulez Vous?

Can’t get enough of Monday nights at Les Deux? Femmes-about-town Audrey Bernstein and Apple Via (the chicks responsible for the long-running and wildly successful Cachet event) have launched their second soiree on Fridays at Moomba — and it’s already getting raves.

Bold-faced regulars include Sophia Coppola and Spike Jonze, Donovan Leitch, Owen Wilson, and Toby McGuire. Resident DJs include Jonze’s younger brother, Sam Spiegel.

Word is this party is all about the dancing. (Of course, a party in L.A. is never about the scene.) The groove is part funk, soul, and vintage, part hip-hop and ’80s tunes. Anything except tired old house music.

Dress code? “I wear sneakers,” Bernstein says. “It’s hard to break-dance without them.”

Ladies, leave the kitten heels at home. Guys, ditto on the parachute pants.

Voulez Vous, Friday nights at Moomba, 665 N. Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood (310-652-0686). For guest list, e-mail audreyandapple@earthlink.net, and mention DailyCandy.